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Social Worker (Tata Institute of Social Welfare) : City : Mumbai
Advertisement for 1 position of Social Worker at Special Cell for Women and Children, Grants in aid programme of Govt of Maharashtra, implemented by Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai.

The Government of Maharashtra, in particular the Departments of Home, Police and Women & Child Development, have collaborated since 2005 for joint administration of Special Cells for Women and Children programme. This programme is implemented through grants-in-aid to NGOs, and to the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. TISS itself implements 14 out of the 123 Cells across districts, as well as coordinates, supervises and provides training for the programme personnel through Regional Coordinators. The Special Cell for Women is an initiative providing social services to women survivors of violence, by placing trained social workers within the Police system (2 social workers in a Police office, viz. Station House/SP Office/CP Office), with a clear understanding that
violence against women is a crime and it is the responsibility of the State to prevent and counter the same. This programme is based on the Special Cells for Women & Children approach – as initiated by TISS (Mumbai) in 1984, and it creates space in the Police system for violated women to receive emotional & social support through quality psycho-social-legal services' provision by professional full-time social workers, within the criminal justice system (CJS), where the violence survivor's needs and concerns are addressed within a facilitative environment. 1 position of social worker (preferably having prior direct intervention work experience), is required at present for full-time work at the Special Cell for Women (Mumbai). TISS hereby issues this advertisement for said1positions of social workers, as authorised by State Government, for selection of suitable candidate for the same.

1. Selection Preferences:
1.1. The programme's service provision process requires that each Special Cell must have 2 social workers to respond to violated women's own preference & needs, and no less than one woman/female social worker per Cell. Maharashtra-based candidates possessing necessary educational qualification & prior experience of 2 years in the social-development sector as detailed in section 2.1.2 below will be given preference.

2. The details including job description, eligibility criteria etc. for the position are as follows:

2.1 Education and Experience criteria:

2.1.1 Candidate should have (a) knowledge of issues of gender & violence against women and interventions in the district and State, and (b) prior experience in direct casework and/or intervention work on women's issues at the grassroot level.

2.1.2 The candidate must have a post-graduate qualification in social work (M.A. in Social Work/MSW) from Central/Deemed/State-Recognised University. Preference will be given to those with 2 years' work experience in social-development sector.

2.1.3 Candidate must demonstrate willingness to travel, as and when required within Maharashtra as per programme requirements detailed in section on job description below.

2.1.4 Verbal and written fluency in Marathi and local languages/dialects is essential, and working knowledge of English & Hindi and comfort with the use of computers & Internet is also desirable.

2.2. Location and terms of service:
The position is full time and is based in Mumbai. The selected social workers will be contractually employed and will be paid a consolidated honorarium of INR 15,000/- per month. Once appointed, the social worker will be expected to reside in the Mumbai-Navi Mumbai-Thane for the duration of their appointment and deputation for full-time work in the Special Cell. Only candidates possessing the above-mentioned experience & qualifications, and in the
age group 18-50 years, need apply.

2.3 Job description:
• Individual and group interventions to end violence against women – incl. Social casework processes, empowerment & behavioural change facilitation, referrals and pre-& during litigation support to women & children survivors of violence and their families, and engaging with men (respondents/.perpetrators of violence) and with NGO & Governmental Departmental representatives (incl. Police) in violated women & children's best interests (i.e. facilitating multi-agency coordinated response).
• Planning, awareness-building w.r.t. the programme and capacity-building of stakeholders of Special Cells for Women programme across the allotted district in which the Special Cell is functional.
• Networking & advocacy on issues of violence against women & girls, and intervention in situations of violence as experienced and reported by women, with NGOs & Governmental Departments.
• Writing, editing reports & compiling data extensively for purposes of programme documentation, official record etc.
• Periodic travel across the allotted district, and occasionally across Maharashtra as per programme requirements of training, exposure fieldwork, campaigns, regional meetings etc.

3. Advertisement for the position is available at the following link: on the website: The TISS and State Government reserve the right to accept or reject in part or in full any or all the responses to this advertisement without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
4. Last day for receipt of applications is the 31 st July 2021, which must be sent preferably vide e- mail to Application sent by e-mail must contain curriculum vitae/resumes mentioning the following:
(a) full educational qualifications and institutions from which formal degrees were obtained from;
(b) all full-time work placements completed along with date-wise duration, employing organisation's name and address;
(c) applicant's e-mail contact details; (d) scanned copy of applicant's Masters/MA/MSW degree certificates.

For further details and clarifications,
email 9870217795/9820757795.

(Dr. Trupti Jhaveri Panchal)
Asst. Professor & Chairperson, CWCSW, School of Social Work,
Faculty in-Charge, Resource Centre for Interventions on Violence against Women
& Special Cells for Women

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